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Well, I didn't realize it, but apparently the horrific pain I had yesterday in my chest was because I managed to inhale some of that god-awful crap once again. Of course I realized this too late to call Dr. Eubanks to get any antibiotics, so I got up early today to call.

Lungy, wheezy, coughy, and just didn't sleep Real Good. So.

Actually, it's probably good this happened, because it's been a while since I had a really bad episode where I inhale some of the reflux. The inhalation and subsequent bronchitis setting the stage for a really nasty variety of pneumonia (which I've been able to hold off with quick abx intervention) is the main reason I started investigating this, and went through all that horrific testing last September. One day it's going to happen and I'm not going to realize it for a lot longer than the couple of hours it went this time.

Meh. I know now that I should have shopped the WLS around more, and found a surgeon who did distal RNY or BPD/DS instead of the proximal RNY I had. Maybe I wouldn't have had an infection afterwards; then I wouldn't have had gent, I'd still have my horses, pigs would fly, and rainbows would come shooting out of my butt.

ETA: Oh yeah, Mike and Patrick both have colds or something. I, on the other hoof, feel okay except for the lung crap. So I'm making chicken noodle soup, Jewish penicillin. That'll be tasty. Last night I made garlic chicken, which not only wasn't all that great, but I've been farting garlic all night long. Whee.


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