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Finally got a call from the Emory doc -- well, from his secretary -- that he had spoken with my doctor (Eubanks) and wanted the results of my HIDA scan and the surgeon's report from my WLS faxed to him. He also wants me to come in so we can discuss my options.

Then later that afternoon Dr. Eubanks herself (!) called and said they had sent him my HIDA scan results. She said he seems like a really nice guy, honestly concerned about my situation, and that I should go see him to discuss my options. She said he really feels I need to have a revision of sorts, because my reflux isn't acid and has a bile component to it, and that we can discuss the removal of my gall bladder too.

So I called yesterday and made an appt with him, which is March 15 at 3:45. The only other option was March 1 at 8:30 am. Struggle through AM traffic to Atlanta for an 8:30 appointment? No thanks. By the time we get done with the 3:45 appt it'll be past the PM traffic.

Naturally, Innards has gotten the news, because the nightly rounds of reflux have restarted. I was taking a nap today, had a tiny reflux before but didn't think anything of it. Just now I've woke up with a HUGE reflux, along with burning agony in my chest which radiated up into my chin. Not jaw, not arm, chin. Mainly right side. Jaw joints, too. Ate a handful of Tums, took a couple big swigs of Mylanta, then decided to go hack and spit in the john. Good times, good times. Many wads of bright yellow glorp were coughed into toilet paper whilst I sat on the can, in case of any stress related winkles.

So in just under a month we'll decide what to do about this, one way or the other.


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