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The scales have fallen from my eyes. Yea, and verily I have been enlightened and gifted with the True Knowledge of what causes earthquakes.

This is courtesy of one of the fundie loons on my wobblers list -- this guy is just out the window and round the corner with some of his ideas (if I can call them that). He's the one who said nothing you read on Snopes is true because it has a liberal bias... check here and here if you care or wish to be refreshed...

Anyway, here's Fundie Preacherman's take on What Causes Earthquakes:

It is the way God rebalances the earth to keep it from vibrating as it rotates. There has been a tremendous amount of construction that has concentrated much Mass in a small area which creates a need to rebalance the earth. It is just like your tires, it must be in balance to spin smoothly. AS long as people continue to place large masses in a specific location, we will continue to have earth quakes. Volcanic eruptions also tend to shift balance also.

Luckily I'm not the only voice of reason -- someone else has wondered why earthquakes happened and volcanoes erupted before humans were around to start building, and someone else answered her with "Gremlins". Of course, I had to provide a mini-lesson on plate tectonics, seismology, and volcanology, because I'm just an erudite asshole that way. With tons o' links, including one to that bastion of Ebol Librul Untruthiness, snopes.

I swear, Fundie Preacherman is going to owe me money if I break my jaw. It always drops in a very loud and painful way alllll the way to the floor when he posts one of his Knuggets O' Knowlidje.

ETA: just remembered that the earth does indeed wobble -- about 23 degrees. It's called precessional wobble and it produces the seasons... naturally I had to twist the knife just a little more, so I fired off an update to Fundie Preacherman.
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