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The scales have fallen from my eyes. Yea, and verily I have been enlightened and gifted with the True Knowledge of what causes earthquakes.

This is courtesy of one of the fundie loons on my wobblers list -- this guy is just out the window and round the corner with some of his ideas (if I can call them that). He's the one who said nothing you read on Snopes is true because it has a liberal bias... check here and here if you care or wish to be refreshed...

Anyway, here's Fundie Preacherman's take on What Causes Earthquakes:

It is the way God rebalances the earth to keep it from vibrating as it rotates. There has been a tremendous amount of construction that has concentrated much Mass in a small area which creates a need to rebalance the earth. It is just like your tires, it must be in balance to spin smoothly. AS long as people continue to place large masses in a specific location, we will continue to have earth quakes. Volcanic eruptions also tend to shift balance also.

Luckily I'm not the only voice of reason -- someone else has wondered why earthquakes happened and volcanoes erupted before humans were around to start building, and someone else answered her with "Gremlins". Of course, I had to provide a mini-lesson on plate tectonics, seismology, and volcanology, because I'm just an erudite asshole that way. With tons o' links, including one to that bastion of Ebol Librul Untruthiness, snopes.

I swear, Fundie Preacherman is going to owe me money if I break my jaw. It always drops in a very loud and painful way alllll the way to the floor when he posts one of his Knuggets O' Knowlidje.

ETA: just remembered that the earth does indeed wobble -- about 23 degrees. It's called precessional wobble and it produces the seasons... naturally I had to twist the knife just a little more, so I fired off an update to Fundie Preacherman.
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At least not according to Fundie Preacherman. His latest salvo in the great Heavy Buildings Cause Earthquakes battle:

If you go to back and look at history, I think it was three earth quakes attributed to Hover Dam and two to grand Collie Dam. Not that that would matter to you. I am an Engineer and know and understand the relative mass issues. The more distance from the center of rotation increases the effect on the balance.

Also, in reference to precessional rotation...

That is the center of the ecliptic plane of the earth's rotation about the sun which has a 23 degree inclination to that ecliptic plane. For travel on the ground it is of no issue and the reason the summer is warmer in the southern hemisphere, the earth has it closest approach to the sun. Once you lift off and achieve orbit all navigation is then done with the sun as the reference matrix for calculations. There is a, I think a 23 year cycle, that the earth rotation has small changes. I have never see a theory of why that happens, they just know it happens. It is not a wobble, it is just a difference in rotation axis.

I really should leave this poor old man alone, he's just not quite right anymore, but damn, supposedly he was an engineer -- you'd think he'd actually know about relative mass and precessional rotation. He's probably actually forgotten more than I ever knew about lots of stuff, but the trouble is he doesn't remember what he hasn't forgotten, either.

Your Majesty, I posted your calculations for his perusal, and also your qualifications as a Math Genius (compared to me, anyway). We Shall See...


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