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4/5/11 10:38 am
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Had blood work done last week, since it had been about 6 months. The nurse called this morning with the results.

Best news, my cholesterol is normal!! Triglycerides are 192, total cholesterol is 184, good cholesterol is 41, bad cholesterol isn't horrific (don't remember the number), just need to watch the sugars/carbs and increase exercise. I've started back on the C25K program, so that's done.

Thyroid is good, kidneys are good, A1C is good. Liver function is a bit elevated, but a lot of the drugs I'm on will do that, so Dr. Eubanks will watch it. The most worrying though is that my ferritin level is 8; normal range for women is 40 - 150.

So I get to have iron infusion therapy -- the nurse is setting it up, so she'll call me back when it's arranged. I don't know exactly what's involved, or how many times. It's apparently not uncommon for WLS patients, because of the malabsorption component.

I don't mind -- I'll trade some inconvenience and pokes for being able to get out and do stuff.

But my cholesterol is NORMAL!!!! YAY!!!! And all I've been doing for it is taking my Niaspan... weird.
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Okay, I've decided to import my LiveJournal blog to Dreamwidth, where I've had an account for a couple years. I've never used it, but it's been there, just waiting for LJ to finally pop its clogs. Seems all the DDoS attacks it's had recently might possibly, conceivably be related to a desire on the part of the Russian govt. to silence certain free speakers.

Well, that's fine if it's just a Russian thing, but when you start to affect an international group of users, that's going too far.

So, even though I love all my groups etc., I've imported my journal to DW, and I'll probably start posting there. I'll be crossposting here for the time being, but one more DDoS and I'm gone from LJ except for checking groups.

So I hope I see all my buds here over there. Let me know you're there -- my username is wobblerlorri on DW, same as here. I also have two ONE invite code, if anyone wants it.


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