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Patrick and I went to see INSIDIOUS today. We weren't sure if it was going to be as good as the trailers, but we were frighteningly pleased. I always gauge a scary movie by how far in my seat I've scooched down by the end, the more the better -- by the end of this one, I was almost lying down in the seat!!

The only complaint I had was the music, which sounded like Stravinsky's "Rites of Spring" being raped by Stomp!, was a bit loud at the beginning, but that may have had more to do with the nearly empty theatre than any problem with the sound system.

This young couple, the wife an apparently frustrated pianist, the husband a high school teacher, move with their 3 kids into a half-timbered Craftsman style house in CA, if I judge by the palm trees. Soon weird shit starts happening, culminating with their oldest son, Dalton, falling into a sleep from which no one can awaken him. Weird shit keeps on happening, mom is going spare, dad is staying late at work saying he's grading papers but he's really going to sleep at his desk, and eventually the mom is attacked by a ghost and she begs dad to get them out of the house.

So they move to a smaller house, bringing along all 3 kids (Dalton is still asleep), and the weird shit continues and escalates. They call in a comedy team of ghost hunters, who call in their medium lady named Elise. Finally they get to the bottom of the issue, and scary, holler out loud and grab your son's arm in a death grip creepy scary hi-jinks ensue.

The movie keeps you going for the entire time, after a slightly slow start. The suspense builds and builds, until you think you just can't take any more, and then you find that yes, you better, because here it comes!!!

Worth one viewing at full price; subsequent viewings, wait for early bird discounts or until it's on cable. It's worth it.

The second outstanding thing we did was eat at 5 Guys Burgers. If you've never eaten there, go to their website and see if there's one near you. If there is, GO THERE. It is truly a Presidential hamburger. Absolutely delicious, your choice of toppings, quick service, and the fries are to die for. If you go with someone else, I promise you, one regular fry will be sufficient -- they fill an 8 oz paper cup with fries (rough cut by hand, Idaho potatoes), then dump at least another 8 oz cup full into the bag loose! A regular burger has 2 patties on it, so if you're not a double person, get the small burger, which is one patty.

If anyone remembers what What-A-Burger USED to taste like, back in the 60's, that's what 5 Guys tastes like. Nom nom nom.


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