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I spent Saturday night watching VH1's Top 100 Hard Rock Songs and disagreeing with almost every one -- shouldn't be there, should be higher, should be lower, where's Save Me, where's The Seven Seas of Rhye, where's Pinball Wizard (The Who's original, not Elton John's execrable cover)... the ultimate indignity -- Guns'n'Roses' Welcome To The Jungle was #1. Number Fucking ONE, I ask you!!!

At least Rush's Tom Sawyer was in the top 10 or so...


In reply to this post:

I'm surprised more of us haven't gone out with a flamboyant apeshittery, considering the way the merest annoyance can be blown all out of proportion in our vengeful little lives.

This morning I had to replace the CPU fan on my computer, as it catastrophically failed (obvious justification is obvious), then had to replace that one as it proceeded to catastrophically fail within 10 minutes. Then my BIOS got fucked sideways somehow, and refused to recognize the boot drive until I manually went in and reminded it that the 750 gig HDD was the fuckin' boot drive, and not the non-existent floppy. Then BIOS got it in its little head that overclocking on the CPU had failed, when I don't have it overclocked in the first goddam fuckin' place!!! Finally got it all fixed, but Jesus God and Sonny Christ, I was pulling out hair and had my head in my hands more than once.

The urge to go out in a blazing hail of gunfire, profanity, and general mayhem was almost overwhelming. Not to mention there's a conveniently located elementary/middle/high school complex right across the street from me...

It would be epic.


Maggie the Fat Calico has a sore in the corner of her mouth that won't heal. So she's seeing the vet tomorrow. I'm dreading what he might say -- it's probably nothing, but of course if there's a place my mind doesn't need to go, it will go there. Otherwise, she's fat, happy, purrs, eats, barfs, drinks, pees, poops, and generally seems to be a happy camper.


I've been working on my drawing for the past month, starting with "Drawing On The Right Side Of The Brain" the middle of December. I've now progressed enough that I'm willing to show some of my finished drawings (and I'm not wanting to fold them up and move to the next piece of newsprint paper -- I'm not even using good paper yet). So here's one I just finished of Alan Rickman as Col. Christopher Brandon in Sense & Sensibility, a lovely Jane Austen period piece. I think I did a particularly good job of capturing his mouth. It's not perfect, but it works for me. (BTW, I've put it under a cut, but it's not working for some stupid, annoying reason. So deal with it, or enter the 21st century and spring for a high speed connection, you dial-up Luddites.)

clicky for piccie )

I'd appreciate any constructive criticism you might like to leave. Even just blatant ego stroking.


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